The Issues At Hand

Making a Difference

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Economic Opportunity

  • Make it easier to start a business - cut the fees for licenses and registering a business. Also offer favorable tax exemptions and tax cuts for businesses that hire locally and get their supplies from other Arkansas businesses.

  • ZERO fees for 5 yrs. to all new businesses

  • Eliminate Personal Property Taxes 

  • Construction of a Center for Long Haul Trucks

  • Expand student loan forgiveness to those who work and live in rural areas for 7+ years

Health Care

 I’m taking care of my elderly mother as many people my age are having to do. The healthcare industry is mess, and they intentionally leave people behind because it’s not good for business. 

  • lower prescription drug costs, 

  • include more doctors in health insurance, 

  • stop giving all the benefits to people in big cities, 

  • Help us take care of our kin by providing more at home nurses in rural areas.

Blood Pressure Check
US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Veterans Hospital or Veterans Center for Southeast Arkansas 


Increase Funding for Rural Fire Departments & First Responders

By 30% to cover the cost of protective gear and fuel spikes