The State Legislature, under Republican leadership, in recent years has failed to address the job crisis caused by the recession. This and other regressive Republican policies have made it worse.

My vision for good paying jobs with good benefits capitalizes on Arkansas’s ability to grow and become an economic force nationally and internationally by developing energy efficiency policies and innovations to grow new green jobs, creating better incentives for high tech job growth, and encouraging successful entrepreneurship. This also includes focusing on training our young people, as well as re-training our work force to be revenue producers.


Our seniors worked their entire lives to raise a family, save a little money, and pay for their home. It is a matter of fairness that if your income is frozen, your property taxes should be too. Seniors’ retirement dreams should not be shattered by rising property taxes.

I will fight to freeze property taxes for seniors in the legislature because no senior should ever be taxed out of their home; furthermore, we need to encourage more individuals to train to be in-home health aides and medical personnel. Our seniors should be able to safely live in their homes as long as it is feasible and reasonable. It’s the right thing to do.

protecting our seniors


A strong, thorough, and efficient system of public education is a necessity in any modern society. Students in North Little Rock and Sherwood suffer from the effects of facilities in disrepair, a lack of textbooks and school supplies, with overworked and underpaid faculty and staff.

We need to establish a fair and equitable funding formula that is derived not through local politics and snap millage elections, but through data and cold, hard facts. Furthermore, never again should the state be allowed to come into a community and overthrow the will of the local community without good reason. Raiding the financial resources of a school district and giving the control to former politicians needing a paying job is never a good solution for our children and our communities.

opportunity for all

Equality for all means understanding service comes before self. I was blessed to grow up in a household that believed in equality and what was just, and it was with that solid foundation that I will work hard to bring equal protection under the law for all Arkansans.

Arkansas is light years behind many other states when it comes to treating all persons as equal. An overwhelming majority of Arkansans support laws that provide equality for all of our neighbors, and it’s time that we catch up to the rest of the nation.

public safety

Our state and local officials need to continue to implement smart policies to reduce crime. The first line of defense we have are our First Responders. Our criminal justice system needs to be tough on hardened criminals, but needs to offer alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders to lessen the chance that they will go on to commit worse crimes.

Instead of over-crowding the county jail, let’s over-crowd community service projects. Also, we need to rebuild trust between our police officers and the citizens they protect every day. Part of that protection is to provide body cameras that should be worn by every officer every time they are on duty. Another part of that protection is to provide them with the latest in innovative equipment and vehicles.