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"I believe in better: better local healthcare facilities, better Internet for our business owners and farmers, better education opportunities for the trades and starting a business. Sometimes, in order to get where we’re going, we have to start a NEW path. A BETTER path. I’d like to be your state representative if you’ll have me. And I hope you will join me on this journey. I believe great things are around the corner - we just have to keep walking, one foot in front of the other. I’m Andrew Pritt and I kindly ask for your support."

- Andrew Pritt.


Andrew C. Pritt is running for State Representative in the newly redrawn House District #94 which encompasses Bradley, Drew, and Desha counties. Pritt grew up in Bradley County, where his father was a Presbyterian minister in Hermitage and Johnsville, as well as Dermott and McGehee, before his death. His mother, Lorraine, is a lifelong nurse and spent much of her career at Wagnon Place Nursing Home in Warren followed by her final tenure at Bradley County Medical Center where she eventually retired. Growing up, Pritt has been active in his community for nearly 40 years starting with his participation in 4-H and Boy Scouts of America. Pritt's work ethic was formed during the long Bradley County summers where he could often be found in the tomato sheds helping local farmers bring in their harvest. Andrew worked in the shed up through his senior year when he graduated from Hermitage High School in 1993 from Hermitage High School.


After graduation, Pritt went on to serve as a legislative aide to State Representative Marian Owens Ingram, who served from 1993-1999. After serving Rep. Owens, Andrew went on to assist Bill Wells, who served multiple terms as a state representative. Pritt went on to serve his country by enlisting in the U.S. Army, however, his path to becoming a commissioned officer was cut short due to a cancer diagnosis while serving. Heartbroken by being medically ineligible to pursue a career in the military, Pritt enrolled in the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to study political science in hopes he would be able to one day serve the public in a new capacity. 


Pritt has always had an interest in serving the public and began volunteering for people running for office of every shape and size from local county judge to President of the United States. One distinct honor Pritt recalls from his days assisting public servants was a time when befriended the son of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at his mother's funeral, Pritt was humbled by the presence of so many pillars of civil and equal rights, the effect it had continues to this day - the idea that one person, motivated by their convictions, can and SHOULD stand up to make things better for the people around them. This lesson continues to fuel his belief in public service. 


After many years working in the private sector, Andrew Pritt returned to Bradley County to care for his mother after his father's passing in 2018. Faith became his strength and Pritt quickly joined a church and became an active member where he attends nearly every Sunday. Pritt, learned from his father, believes in giving back having been taught the importance of giving of one's time and money. Pritt believes most people are good and EVERYONE has God-given ability - it is the responsibility of public officials to make sure opportunities are available to anyone who decides to step up and make more of his lot in life. 


Pritt believes; Sacrifice should be rewarded; Ability should be met with Opportunity and small-town values have a place in our modern world. 

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