Meet Drew

Drew Pritt is a resident of the Tanglewood Neighborhood in North Little Rock, works two different jobs, and is an active member of Christ Episcopal Church in Little Rock.

Pritt is convinced that we need to send strong, independent leaders to Little Rock who will work with each other for Arkansas.

First. Pritt will be a voice of reason and support for those who work to see that ALL of Arkansas prospers and grows together. Second, Pritt is also convinced that we need to continue to fund and keep the Arkansas Private Option that provides healthcare for all Arkansans. Thirdly, Pritt will work to make sure Arkansans have access to good paying jobs with good benefits that provide a better standard of living for ALL Arkansans. Fourth and finally, we also need to make far more effort to protect the vulnerable children growing up in our communities.

The issues we face in Arkansas are not insurmountable. They will not be solved with spending taxpayer money to erect monuments. There is nothing wrong with Arkansas that cannot be fixed by what is right about Arkansas. We need in the state legislature common sense people who are willing to work across the aisle to get the job done. In my life, while I have strong opinions, I have devoted myself to seeking fair answers to problems in a fair manner, and that is how I will legislate.

All I ask is the chance work to make North Little Rock and Arkansas a better place than it is today.